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Financial Aid For Private Schools in Missouri

Good for Your Students, Good for Your School

There may be students and parents interested in attending your school who simply can’t afford the full cost. This doesn’t mean they can’t attend or that you have to make up the difference. Herzog Tomorrow Foundation scholarship program helps ensure that your school has options so you can welcome these students.

Herzog Tomorrow Foundation partners with accredited private schools throughout Missouri to help students access high-quality education. By providing financial aid for private schools in Missouri, we “close the gap” for students who can’t pay the entirety of school costs. More money goes to your school, and your mission, so that you can empower and educate the community you serve.

Our Impact

The Impact of the Herzog Tomorrow Foundation


That’s the amount each student receives to directly fund their tuition and expenses.


We put money in the hands of students paying for your school tuition, from elementary through high school.


Add to our growing list of partner schools in Missouri for widespread connection and opportunity.

How School Partnerships Work

Get Connected With Us

Start your new partnership with us by filling out our contact form. You’ll hear back from Josh, our scholarship coordinator. He’ll walk you through our service offerings, learn more about your school, understand your mission, and clarify any questions or concerns you might have.

Set Up Our Partnership

Once we get the details finalized and you confirm your interest as a partner, we’ll move forward! Josh will let you know the next steps involved for set-up, and you’ll get connected with the network of the MOScholars and Herzog Tomorrow Foundation schools, donors, and families.

Enjoy New Opportunities

A partnership includes resources about our foundation, ways for parents and families to get connected as donors, and awareness about your school through our community. And you’ll welcome new students into your classrooms who can enjoy your school’s quality education and connect with its unique mission.

The Benefits Behind Partnership


Encourage Enrollment

The biggest obstacle to enrollment is the central question parents may ask: “How much does it cost?” By eliminating that obstacle, you’ll have more students, more revenue, and more ways to further your mission.


Access Resources

Not only do we work with you at every step of the scholarship process, but we offer a resource library to help you promote, market, and encourage students to find and choose your school.


Focus On Your Mission

This scholarship program protects schools from extra red tape and helps facilitate what matters most: your culture, your school’s teachers, extracurriculars, technology, support staff, and enrichment opportunities.

Meet Josh

Family Man Nerd Sports Fanatic

Josh will be your point of contact to help guide you through the partnership process and establish a long-lasting connection between us and your school.

Josh grew up in Smithville, MO, and went on to receive a bachelor of History and Geography from Park University. His favorite subject in school was anything but art. When Josh isn’t working with parents and schools to issue scholarships, he enjoys generally anything nerdy or Kansas City sports-related. Josh lives in Smithville with his wife and four kids.

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If your school is interested in partnering with us, please fill out our contact form! Josh, a member of our team, will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Commonly Asked Questions About School Partnerships

Josh would love to connect with you to help answer any questions you may have about school partnerships!

More About the Foundation

Herzog Tomorrow Foundation was created in 2022 as an Educational Assistance Organization (EAO) for the MOScholars program to empower accredited private schools across Missouri to remain mission-focused and open.

Our mission is to impact the community through financial aid for private schools that foster bright futures for our youth. The Herzog Tomorrow Foundation provides the most comprehensive statewide scholarship support for private schools and the families they serve.

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