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Students in Missouri deserve equal access to quality education, regardless of their family’s income level, and the Herzog Tomorrow Foundation advances that vision with our scholarship program. We continue to expand our reach and impact thanks to valued contributions from our supporters through MOScholars dollar-for-dollar tax credits.

Each dollar you choose to contribute to Herzog Tomorrow Foundation goes directly to funding a student’s scholarship. You aren’t supporting a cause; you’re supporting the kids of Missouri. And with gifts from dedicated supporters like you, we can continue serving the Missouri community and giving back by investing in our students’ well-being, education, and future.

Our Impact

The Impact of the Herzog Tomorrow Foundation


partnerships between schools throughout the state for comprehensive and accessible education.


students in Missouri served with our tuition assistance since 2022. Will you help us make it even more?


grades served with our scholarships, starting from kindergarten through high school.

How A Contribution to Herzog Tomorrow Foundation Works

Connect With Us

The first step toward making a gift is reaching out to our development coordinator, Mayela, using our contact form below. She’ll then reach out to you and walk you through each step of the process. If you have any questions at any step, she’s your point of contact. We love connecting with our supporters to develop a long-lasting relationship where you can see your tax dollars actively at work.

Reserve Your Credit

Once we get to know you and help you understand the process, the next step is reserving your tax credit through the State of Missouri tax reservation site. After you reserve your tax credit, Mayela will personally follow up with you on where to make your donation.

Make Your Gift

Now you can submit your donation to Herzog Tomorrow Foundation. After receiving your contribution, we will send the proof of donation to the Missouri State Treasurer’s office. Once it’s processed, you’ll be able to use this dollar-for-dollar tax credit against taxes owed to the Missouri Department of Revenue for that year. Your valuable contribution will then transform into scholarships for Missouri students!

The Benefits Behind Partnership


Dollar-for-Dollar Tax Credit

Each dollar of your donation redirects your state tax liability towards K-12 scholarships, helping kids attend the school of their dreams.


A Gift to Your Community

Support locally to grow locally. Better education means Missouri’s future is bright in the hands of our students.


Know Where Your Money Goes

Your money only goes to private school tuition scholarships for Missouri students; nowhere else and to no one else!

Meet Mayela

At-Home Chef Kansas Citian Mom

Mayela is a valued member of our team who works closely with our network of supporters. She will answer any and all of your questions through the process of making contributions.

Mayela grew up in Kansas City and went on to receive a bachelor of Business Administration and Economics from Park University. Her favorite subject in school was math. When Mayela isn’t working with supporters to provide students with scholarships, she enjoys cooking for family and friends. Mayela lives in Kansas City with her husband and three sons.

Make Your Dollars Matter

If you are interested in making a contribution to the students of Missouri, please fill out the following form. Mayela will follow up with you to provide more details!

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Common Questions About Contributions

Mayela would love to connect with you to help answer any questions you may have about supporting students with your MOScholars tax credit!

More About the Foundation

Herzog Tomorrow Foundation was created in 2022 as an Educational Assistance Organization (EAO) for the MOScholars program to meet the ever-increasing need for quality education in Missouri. Our mission is to impact the community through our scholarships that foster bright futures for our youth.

Our charitable roots, robust network, and personalized service will help you and other supporters of educational freedom make the greatest impact on Missouri families.

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