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Let Your Child Choose Their Future

You have a dream to see your child succeed, and for them to get the best education they possibly can. But the cost of tuition for first-rate private education in Missouri might be holding you back.

What money you have today shouldn’t impact how your kids succeed tomorrow. Herzog Tomorrow Foundation bridges the gap between the cost of education and access through our scholarship program. We’re here to provide you and your child private school tuition assistance in Missouri that encourages, inspires, and empowers.

Our Impact

The Impact of the Herzog Tomorrow Foundation


The time when your child is eligible for scholarships, starting from kindergarten through high school.


The amount that you receive and goes directly to funding your child’s quality education.


The number of partner schools in Missouri that you and your child can choose from.

How Our Scholarship Program Works

Find Out If You Qualify

The first step to applying for our program is our Qualification Check. We invite interested parents to answer a few questions about their household income, their child’s individualized education plan (IEP) status, and their desired school of attendance. This tool allows us to give you immediate feedback on whether or not you qualify for our next steps.

Send In Your Application

Once we determine your eligibility for the program, a member of our team will follow up to guide you through the official state application process. We’ll send you everything you need, and we’ll help you complete it successfully. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so we recommend you apply as soon as you are able.

Begin Their New Education

Once your household is awarded a scholarship, you’ll receive $6,375 to spend on eligible program expenses! Your child can now attend an accredited school in Missouri of their choosing through our private school tuition assistance. Our team can assist you with any questions you may have about the program. We’ll even follow up with you at the end of the year for renewal and check-ins.

Benefits of Our Scholarship Program



Your child can attend a school where they can grow and nurture their skills, flourish in an environment that fits them, and access diverse opportunities for their future.



Your options aren’t restricted by school type or mission. Herzog Tomorrow Foundation has partnered with over 85 schools to give your child a variety of schools to choose from.



Your choice for quality schooling shouldn’t be determined by your budget, but instead be founded on your child’s interests, faith tradition, learning style, and goals.

Take the First Step

As part of the application process, we ask parents to first complete our pre-screening tool. If you qualify, our team will reach out on your next steps for the application.


Commonly Asked Questions About Our Program

More About the Foundation

Herzog Tomorrow Foundation was created in 2022 as an Educational Assistance Organization (EAO) for the MOScholars program to meet the ever-increasing need for quality education in Missouri. Our mission is to impact the community through private school tuition assistance in Missouri that fosters bright futures for our youth.

We disburse funding from MOScholars to eligible families for 85+ schools, as the EAO that provides the most comprehensive statewide scholarship opportunities for families.

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