Our Program Changes Lives Thanks To…


Each dollar you contribute is an appreciated gift that goes straight to scholarship money for students in Missouri.


We partner with our schools to raise awareness about the program, increase accessibility for potential students, and connect with our supporters.


Our dedicated parents seek better opportunities for their students by applying for our scholarship program.

Image Content Cards

Columns of cards (or a grid of cards) with image and content with many options:

  • 1/2/3/4/5 Columns
  • Narrow options
  • Background color or background image
  • Variable overlay settings
  • Vertical spacing
Label Name Type Notes
Size tab
Columns image_content_cards_columns select
Size image_content_cards_size select
Content tab
Intro image_content_cards_intro wysiwyg
Cards image_content_cards_cards repeater
Settings tab
Image Aspect Ratio image_content_cards_image_aspect_ratio select
Space Below Image image_content_cards_space_below_image select
Vertical Spacing image_content_cards_vertical_spacing select
Background tab
Background Type image_content_cards_background_type select
Background Color image_content_cards_background_color clone (Clone of Utility : Background Color)
Background image_content_cards_background_image clone (Clone of Utility : Image)
Overlay image_content_cards_overlay group